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Cascade Sub-cooling System

1. What is refrigerant sub-cooling

Sub-cooling refers to the removal of heat from a refrigerant liquid. From a refrigeration point of view, it is the temperature of refrigerant liquid below its saturation temperature.

2. A method of refrigerant sub-cooling:

2.1 By utilizing a bigger condenser or by spraying water on the condenser, referred to as condenser sub cooling, up to 10k sub-cooling can be achieved.
2.2 Mechanical sub-cooling, Economiser and Booster, this method use on screw compressor.
2.3 Cascade sub-cooling system - this method uses a separate system to sub-cool the refrigerant liquid, achieving up to 30-35k sub-cooling. This saves energy, improves the performance of system and avoids over heating of the compressor.

3. Refrigerant sub cooling benefit

The United States Department of Energy issued a Federal Technology Alert mentioning refrigerant sub cooling as a reliable way of improving the performance of system and saving energy, up to 15%.

See attached: Emerson Bulletin

Prepared by Jack Lin of Acro Kool Pty Ltd
Date: 1/06/2014

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